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Be Prepared For the Spring Season

juva flexNear the end of February and into March, you may feel the liver urging you to do a Liver Cleanse. There is no doubt of the importance of the Liver in its role as a major detoxifier. Excessive toxins result in degenerative disease, emotional upheavals and even death.

A sensible fasting program can be a power-cleaning tool. Toxins and inflammation, infections can discharge from the body through the stool, urine, nose and skin. The use of Young Living essential oils can improve liver function and promote glutathione in the liver and Colon. Glutathione is vital for longevity. One of the first signs of liver regeneration are signs of a more wholesome complexion.

JuvaSpice Here are some of the signs of a stressed or diseased liver:
Dark-colored urine, abdominal pain, and unusual swelling of the abdomen with anaccumulation of fluid. You may find yourself scratching your skin more often,disturbed sleep caused by the buildup of unfiltered toxins in the blood, general fatigue and loss of energy. Skin may have a yellow hue. A feeling of nausea, change in appetite, signs of parasites, feelings of stress, anxiety, anger.

You may need to budget in advance for the ‘spring cleanse’. Here is a list of products that supports the Liver for you to review and consider.

#3375 – 15 ml - $44.75 - JuvaFlex oil blend formulated to provide support and calm liver and digestive system.

#3395- 15 ml.- $98.75 JuvaCleanse a premium and powerful blend of oils that support
Healthy liver function and may facilitate the removal of sand and small stones out of

#3408 – 15 ML. -$34.75 Release Oil Blend – Helps a person to get over the last hurdle. It
aids the facilitation of the oils to work with the body to let go of anger, frustration. It
promotes harmony and balance of mind and body to promote the healing process.

#3388 - 15 Ml. $29.75 Longevity Oil Blend Promotes the nutrient, glutathione, contains
powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and lessen oxidative damage.

#3214– 150 ct
. $32.75 – Juva Tone – supports liver and gallbladder cleanse. Further
Instructions:’ Essential Science Desk Reference’ to learn more on how to take the tablets.
Some people may have to personalize dosage if they have never been on a program before.

#3276 – 8oz. - $24.75 – JuvaPower – a vegetable powder and fiber complex that contains
liver supporting nutrients and antioxidants plus essential oils. Sprinkle on food or add
to Smoothie.

#3279 – 4 oz. - $23.75 – JuvaSpice – a vegetable powder that supports and cleans the
liver. Enhanced with essential oils. Sprinkle on food or add to Smoothie.

#3003- l ltr. NingXia Red - $39.75 OR #3168 – 30 pk. - $39.75 NingXia Red Singles.
Removes toxins, supports immune system, rejuvenates the body. Best when adding one
ounce of NingXia to purified water. Beverage can be used once a day or as necessary
for enhanced health.

Other supportive Essential Oils: Lemon, ledum, celery seed, cardamom, geranium,
carrot seed, German chamomile, rosemary, orange.

Helping the Liver and Gallbladder to Cleanse:
Often there are fruits, vegetables in your refrigerator or herbs that can be used as a remedy to clean the liver/gallbladder and blood quality.

I have friends that own horses and other outdoor animals. Come spring, the animals gravitate to the very plants that cleanse and heal the solid organ, the liver and the companion, the hollow organ, the gallbladder. They themselves, however never partake in the plants that the animals have the wisdom to eat during the spring season.

Getting back to the refrigerator; lemons and limes have a long and effective history for cleansing. The Master Cleanse was developed by Stanley Burroughs and has been used successfully by thousands of people. It takes a little time however. Certain nutrients, the ability to balance pH, and being regular in your routine assists the body in the cleansing process. With determination, you can experience a daily change.

Children, the elderly on prescription drugs or diabetics may want to consult with their health-care professional if they are going on a program. There may not be a problem if they want to simply enjoy the Lemon Drink or if they feel a cold coming on.

The Master Cleanse

  • (slightly modified with essential oils)
  • *Squeeze the juice from 1/2 a fresh organic lemon
  • *8 ounces of hot water or room temperature water purified or distilled
  • Grade B Maple Syrup or Young Living Yacon Syrup
  • *1/10 tsp. or just a speck of cayenne (red) pepper (capsicum)
  • 1 drop of Young Living oil of Lemon

To the water add lemon juice, sweetener, cayenne pepper, and the essential oil of Lemon. STIR and drink.

Drink lemonade daily. If you are on a program drink six 10 oz. glasses of lemonade daily. Every time you begin to feel hunger, have another glass. Grade B Maple syrup contains minerals and nutrients that support the body during the cleansing process. As the lemon juice mixes with the salvia, it gradually starts to change its PH, and then in the stomach it turns completely alkaline as it mixes with the hydrochloric acid.

Cayenne pepper is a blood vessel dilator, a thermal warmer and provides vitamin B. Type 0 people may need to drink this beverage more frequently at the beginning of their program.

The body chemistry begins to change and energy levels normally rise. There may be some discomfort as toxins and parasites are released from the body. When the Liver and Gallbladder begin to discharge, there could be some emotional ups and downs. The essential oils of Peace and Calming, Juva Cleanse, Chamomile, Stress Away, Lavender are all beneficial in these times,
Drink extra purified water during the program. The symptoms should pass. If not, ask your health practitioner to monitor you.

You can try a different citrus fruit for a change in the program however the Lemon is the fruit that you definitely use for the majority of your program.

When to Eat if You Are Coming Off a Fast: On the last day, begin to integrate some food such as a salad, vegetables or some fruit. You could have a PowerMeal Smoothie. If you want to go a step further, add some ICP and Juva Power or enzymes to support the elimination process. Remember to drink water along the way.

Starting on a Friday may be a good way to start. If you experience uncomfortable symptoms because of the cleanse, rest more, cut back or introduce vegetables juices: a drink such as carrot juice with some apple, parsley would be an example.

Nausea and bloating are an indication that the poisons are being released at a rapid rate and have become a big job for the liver. The Young Living Oil of LEDUM works as a diuretic and dilates the bile duct between liver and kidneys. You can massage LEDUM on location or put Ledum in capsules and swallow morning and night. All of the oils formulated for the liver are very helpful: GLF, Juva Cleanse, and JuvaFlex all aid in the cleansing process.

Aroma Drink: Consider a beverage with an essential oil in it while on the program: Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, and Citrus Fresh will provide additional benefit. They are very concentrated. Usually one drop is sufficient.

This drink is a simple but effective beverage. If you do not have all of the Young Living Products for a Liver Cleanse of if you have a limited income, this would be a program that you can consider using throughout the year.

Lemon #3578, Grapefruit #3560, Orange #360,2 Yacon Syrup 8 oz. #4570

Reference: Essential Oils Desk Reference
Educational purposes only