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Rose Oil
Rosa Damascena (from Bulgaria and Turkey)? Rose has a frequency of 320 MHz, the highest of all essential oils. When this aromatherapy oil is used, the frequency* of every cell is enhanced, bringing balance and harmony to the body. Rose is stimulating and elevating to the mind, creating a sense of well being.

Uses of Rose Oil
Rosa Damascena is a rare oil. Young Living purchases the majority of this oil that is of therapeutic value from partners, and only a very small percentage is left for the general market. You will, however, see imitation Rose or the highly revered Rose Oil diluted with inferior oil or with chemicals.

rose flower oilThis rose has a beautiful fragrance that is intoxicating and aphrodisiac-like. The flower is distilled during the oil extraction process. The aromatherapy oil helps to alleviate trauma and is helpful for wrinkled skin. Other Possible Uses: Asthma, ulcers, wounds, wrinkles, tuberculosis, skin disease, sexual debilities, infections, herpes simplex, hemorrhaging, nervous tension, headaches, menstrual problems, headaches, general health enhancement.

History of Rose Oil

History tells us that the blossoms of the Rose were thrown into the mote around the castle for a wedding. Everyone was able to enjoy the fragrance of the rose as it drifted in the air towards the wedding guests.

Rose BasketsGermany is well known for adding Rose oil to their face creams. The properties as a relaxant, anti-inflammatory, anti viral and reducing scarring are properties that are helpful for babies, an after-shave cream for men and as a facial ritual for women.

It takes an incredible amount of rose
petals to make a liter of Rose Oil. The Arab physician Avicenna distilled Rose oil and wrote about the healing qualities of Rose Water produced by leaving rose petals in pure water in sunlight and later straining for use. ( Photo by Saudi Aramco)

Directions for Use of Rose Oil

Damascus Rose as a single oil and also in a blend with other therapeutic essential oils enhances heart health in many ways. Some people have applied it neat, meaning straight from the bottle, on the heart area of the body and on the Vita Flex point for the heart on the bottom of the foot.

Apply neat from the bottle to chakras, Vita Flex points on foot, wrists, temples, heart area, directly inhale, diffusers, or take as a dietary supplement in 00 Veggie Caps and drink with water. It blends nicely in a carrier oil for application.

Others have used a less expensive oil like YLEO Lemon or Pine in their diffuser and then added a few drops of Rose or a blend with Rose in it to create a harmonious environment and to overcome insecurities as their children get ready for their day.

Rose Damascus has been used for anointing for baptisms, weddings, mediation, prayer, yoga and emotional support.

Understanding Frequency
Specific oils have many frequencies. All life has fundamental, mechanical, sonic and electromagnetic frequencies and emit and resonate with hundreds of harmonics that give them personality and set them apart as distinguishable and unique. Essential Oil molecules inherently possess certain pitches that resonate with the tissue and organs of the body.

Blends with Rose Oil
Rose oil is also found in: Joy, Sara, Awaken, Egyptian Gold, Envision, Forgiveness, Gathering, Gentle Baby, Harmony, Highest Potential, Humility, Trauma Life, White Angelica, Rose Ointment.

References: 'The Chemistry of Essential Oils" David Stewart PhD., D.N.M.
'Reference Guide for Essential Oils' compiled by Connie and Adam Higley

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