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Terra Cotta Bracelets, Too! NEW

Diffuser bracelets are sized to fit you perfectly. Wrap a ribbon around your wrist and measure the length before calling to order. There are dozens of styles to choose from to fit your wardrobe and lifestyle. See a couple of the many bracelets available below. Click on the terra cotta banner at the bottom of this page to go to the full website to see all options.

terra cotta bracelet
terra cotta bracelet

Give An Aromatherapy Gift!

Aromatherapy oils diffuse into the air without heat or motion. Aromatherapy oils are volatile, which means they evaporate, naturally, at ordinary temperatures.Terra cotta pendants
absorb your favorite aromatherapy oils and then diffuse them throughout the day.Terra cottapendants also make fantastic gifts for friends and family!
Terra Cotta
You can receive the benefits of aromatherapy oils all day long, wherever you go. All you need to do to begin the diffusing process is to release them into the air! This is why a Terra Cotta Pendant is a perfect diffuser for aromatherapy oils.

Early Methods of Diffusion

Steam and heat diffusion have been around for millenia. Many native people have used hot rocks from open fires to create a primitive form of steam diffusion. Water that has been boiled or heated can be steeped with herbs or medicinal substances. This therapuetic water can be poured directly on the hot rocks, resulting in steam that can be inhaled for alleviating lung conditions, sinus conditions and other health conditions. The steam can be concentrated by placing a towel over the head of the person using the treatment or trapping the steam in an enclosure such as a sauna.

Compresses can also be made by placing essential oils on a clean cloth. The compress can be used on the chest for inhalation. Certain types of clay also work well as diffusers, either heated or at room temperature. Personal diffusers can be purchased that use the body's own heat to continuously diffuse oils. Terra Cotta Pendants are an example of a convenient personal diffuser.

terra cotta pendantsHow Do the Pendants Work?

Lay the pendant flat and apply one drop of aromatherapy oil. Allow the oil time to become completely absorbed into the clay. When the oil is completely absorbed, it is ready to wear. The clay holds and then gently releases the oils slowly over time.

Putting a drop of pure aromatherapy oils on a Terra Cotta Pendant is like placing it onto a little piece of Earth [terra] worn around your neck!

When Do I Put More Aromatherapy Oil On?

The single drop of aromatherapy oil should last for several days. However, for best results, refresh the pendant daily with a single drop of oil. You can use a different aromatherapy oil if desired once the first oil has been diffused.

Will the Oil Stain My Clothing?

aromatherapy giftsWait until the oil has been absorbed into the clay before wearing your pendant. Then there will be no danger of damaging your clothing.

Terra Cotta Pendants are light-weight and durable. They are also perfect gifts for children and pets! For more information or to order your pendant, please click on the banner link below to be taken directly to the Terra Cotta Pendant site.

Click below to see all pendants available:

Terra Cotta

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Terra Cotta Pendants
Terra Cotta Pendant is a perfect diffuser for aromatherapy oils. You can receive the benefits of aromatherapy oils all day long, wherever you go. All you need to do to begin the diffusing process is to release them into the air!

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